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To ensure longevity and sophistication, Coast to Coast Home Shield uses materials from leading local manufacturers & suppliers. Highly trained in new technologies, techniques, and applications, we are the most dependable source in Florida for accomplishing what you envision for your home. With an extensive variety of roofing materials, styles, blends, and resistant coatings, we provide a truly matchless experience from start
to finish.




Coast to Coast Home Shield is a full service contractor focused on meeting our customers needs. We are a roof repair company dedicated to serve you in all your roofing needs. It is important to have your roof assessed by a licensed roofing company like Coast to Coast Home Shield who you can depend on. With our team of professionals, we will ensure you get your roof accurately assessed of all the damages in your home.

Need roof replacement? The right shingles and the right color can give your home a fresh new look. Our highly trained and certified team of installers will work around your schedule and will get the work done in just one to two days. What better way to protect and increase the value of your home than with roof replacement.


Roof repair in Florida is what we do. Does your roof need to be replaced or repaired? Roofs can leak for years before a full roof replacement is required. We will do a thorough inspection diagnose the problem. We will discuss all the options available for you and look for the least expensive and the best solution for you. Whether you need roof ventilation repairs, flashing repairs, weather related repairs, or emergency roof repairs we have you covered. Call us today for a quote.


Success comes with the decision we make everyday, that's why it's important to choose the right contractor to remodel your home. We offer all home remodeling services. From sunrooms, decks, fireplaces, patios, basements, rooms, and kitchens. Let us help you create your dream bathroom, kitchen, and living spaces with the help of our team of professionally licensed and insured installers in Colorado Springs. If you need a company to handle remodeling in Colorado Springs, you have come to the right place.

Are you in need of siding or trim repair? Are you dealing with hail, high winds, hurricane damage, or floods? Has this caused severe damage to your property? Does your home need a touch up? Though siding repairs might seem easy, they require someone with experience and knowledge. As lack of knowledge could result in unnecessary costs and result in repairing siding incorrectly.

That’s why it's important to choose the right contractors to do the job. A siding repair company like Coast to Coast Home Shield has many years of experience and will be glad to lend a hand. We will assess the damaged area and get a sample of your existing siding. We use the sample to ensure we get the matching product from our suppliers. We are siding repair contractors that are here to tackle any project you bring to the table from big to small. We will provide you with options and advice on the best siding alternative for your home.


A good gutter system will protect your home and give you a peace of mind knowing that your home will maintain its value for years to come. Though gutters may not be fun or glamorous they do handle an important job. By diverting water to runoff from the roof and away from your home you can keep your home high and dry. Though people might not give much thought to rain gutters, old and damaged gutters can cause several problems. Such as ruin your paint and stain your homes siding. But things like this can be avoided by replacing your gutters. Our contractors will protect the beauty of your home with beautiful gutters.


We offer some painting service in Florida.

Please call is for more details on this service and we'll figure out what the best option is for you.

Coast to Coast Home Shield is known for its quality and consistent completion when it comes to finishing projects. We strive to provide quality work at reasonable prices and aim to exceed expectations with professional, clean, and detailed work.

Are you looking for the best replacement windows for your home? Look no further, here at Coast to Coast Home Shield we will provide you with the best value when looking to purchase replacement home windows for your home. This window installation company offers the following styles for your home windows and more. Give us a call to get our full selection of windows.


Siding windows

Siding windows are windows with sashes which are also known as gliding windows or slider windows. This type of window gives a contemporary look with flexible options allowing you to combine with other styles like picture windows. They are also added to the sides of picture windows to give a wide window image to offer a better view and ventilation.


Double hung windows

Double hung windows have two sashes that slide from top to bottom. These sashes also tilt for easy cleaning. These are also a classic American style that can be found in many old century homes. They are also the easiest of windows to clean and are usually used on the upper levels of a home.

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